Player Testimonials

"The World Hockey Centre is the perfect camp for anyone that wants to develop their skills while still being social with other players. The on-ice skill development is set up perfectly. You get to practice what you’ve learned in game situations every day. After training we also had time to have fun. We would play cards and other games and really had a lot of fun. If you are looking for high level hockey training while still being allowed to have fun, you need to get to the World Hockey Centre. You will leave with a significantly better skill set and memories that will last you a lifetime. I know I did."

• Carl Klingberg - NHL Atlanta Thrashers, 2009 2nd round draft pick

“I have sent Keith to a lot of summer camps and it always seemed like there was never enough 1-on-1 attention and too much standing around and wasted time. I sent my son to the Superskills camp for the first time 3 years ago and he told me that he learned more in 1 summer there, than he has in all the camps put together. The next summer we told our AAA team about the program and almost the whole team attended the camp. We will certainly be returning to the World Hockey Centre.”

• Bruce Smith - Father - Bracebridge, ON

“I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with Ryan’s experience this summer at the World Hockey Centre. He came back better conditioned than the rest of his team and he has kept it up. More importantly, his skating, passing and most noticeably his shooting have improved dramatically this year over last year!”

• Steve Snyder - Father - Reading, PA

“Training at The World Hockey Centre was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was challenging both mentally and physically. It made me re-evaluate how I wanted, and should, play hockey. I have been to many camps and played in many places, but nothing compares to the Centre and how it made me a better hockey player. The coaches and staff were there to push and guided us to become the best hockey players we could possibly be. It made me work harder than ever before to continue to make my hockey career and make my dreams a reality.“

• Christine Dickinson - University of Wisconsin

“I learned more attending the camp for two weeks than I have learned in an entire season for the past several years. The coaches take the time to focus on the individual needs of the players, making sure everyone makes the most of their time. They work us hard the entire time, but we always had fun doing it. The World Hockey Centre is by far the best camp I have attended.”

• Amanda Ritzel - Elmira College