Items we recommend bringing in the summer

Based on a 4 week stay:

• 2 Sets of twin sheets with pillow cases
• 8 Tee shirts
• 1 Pillow
• 2 Pair of shorts
• 2 Blankets
• 3 Pairs of jeans or casual pants
• 3 Shower Towels
• 2 Track suits
• 1 Pair of shower shoes (flip flops)
• 1 Laundry bag
• 1 Pair of sneakers
• 3 Pairs of hockey underwear
• 1 Pair of sandals or slippers (no bare feet allowed within the centre)
• 1 Combination lock
• 10 Pair of underwear
• 10 Pair of sports socks
• 1 Pair of pajamas

All personal hygiene products (tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, soap, etc.)


PLEASE NOTE: All clothing and bedding must be labeled with laundry ink.

Laundry facilities and materials are provided. Staff will be happy to help. Pro-shop facilities are available near the centre for everything from sticks and tape to skate sharpening. However, it is recommended that you come well stocked with these items.

Optional Items: Walkman/iPod/Mp3 Player (portable stereo with headphones) Video set and games (Play-Station, X-box) Acoustic guitars, Laptop computer with Ethernet Network card.

The World Hockey Centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We do not recommend bringing items of value to the centre.

Spending Money: A cash account can be opened at the Centre for your son or daughter. The player may withdraw money on Mondays and Fridays. An administration charge of 4% applies if account is opened by credit card.

Any telephone messages for players, phone direct to the Centre:

1 (519) 925-9952